Fiber Optic Converter


STS-1/OC-1 Fiber Isolator


4 Wire E&M Trunk


NOTICE: The FOI-2871 has been superseded by the FOI-7280. Click here for more information.

FOI-2170 ST

Unidirectional Composite Video

FOI-2170, 2171

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Audio Sub Category Model Description 2 Wire Audio FOI-2702-R-ST Input Module 2W Audio w/ LAN ch. bank signaling, RFI Supressed 3 Wire Audio FOI-2702-ST Input Module 2W Audio w/ LAN ch. bank signaling 4 Wire Audio FOI-2701-ST 4W Audio wRF Modem signaling, multimode ST optics 4 Wire Audio FOI-2703-ST Output Module 2W Audio w/ LAN […]