Fiberplex in the Press

Major Government Contractor Adds FiberPlex to Line


With new acquisitions no longer on the books and fiber optic communications in high demand for securing government networks, prime U.S. government contractor Systems Plus recently added our fiber optics products to bolster existing fiber infrastructure for its government and corporate clients. “New optical fiber multiplexing technology is becoming a critical part of our support […]

Small Boxes, Big Problems at InfoComm


We had some big problems to solve at InfoComm 2014. Here are a few of the more notable ones, and how our new problem solvers, the TD series optical fiber converters, came to the rescue. Problem: My Dante system can only go so far given my existing network. How can I extend it? Solution: The […]

Stream On


It’s obvious that we’ve reached the effective limitations of copper cabling for streaming audio and/or video across distances. Fiber optic cable is the obvious answer because it has none of the noise or signal propagation issues that plague copper. That’s why newer AVB switches are specified for optical, after all. But to connect into optical […]

The Goods on Security


As our newest VAR partner, Trofholz Technologies, headquartered in Rocklin, Calif., now has the goods on secure fiber communications. Trofholz Technologies is a disabled veteran and woman-owned small business qualified to do business with a variety of government agencies, including agencies under the Department of Homeland Security. By adding our active wave division multiplexers and […]

Taking a Whack Out of Fiber Costs


Security. Big data. Austerity. Fulfilling all three requirements for a large project can be like playing the business equivalent of Whack-a-Mole. If you manage to whack one mole, another one pops up. So while fiber optics communications clearly has the capacity for big data (100s of times that of copper cabling on the high end) […]

New FiberPlex Converter for ‘Unified Communications’


With Unified Communications bringing about a convergence of big data in a variety of formats, we are introducing a new tool for the AV production toolbox capable of adapting between media and transport formats, including optical fiber. Our new TD-6010 adapter, to debut at InfoComm 2014, takes a variety of SFP/SFP+ modules for any format conversion […]

Adapting Pro AV to Unified Communications


We’ll be the first to say it. One of the biggest things to come out of unified communications (UC) — besides a list of acronyms a mile long — is that pro AV has finally attained the respectability it deserves among IT peers. We have video to thank for that. IM. Web. Customer service. It’s […]

It’s Fiber All the Way for Hillsdale College


When it comes to broadband AV, it’s optical fiber all the way for Hillsdale College in Michigan. The independent private college started running high-speed, secure optical fiber across its indoor track using our audio optical technology in May and is now gearing up for another, longer optical run that will shuttle multimedia across its campus. […]

FiberPlex Fiber-Ready Van on a Roll


Our fiber optic-ready mobile production van began crisscrossing the eastern United States on a 25-city tour this month, rolling from live production in Georgia and heading straight into the March 24 – 26 North Carolina Emergency Management Association conference. The FiberPlex-equipped van will go from audiovisual lighting and staging or FOH use in Atlanta and […]

Get Fiber’d Up

Get Fiber'd Up

Optical fiber use is heating up just as surely as summer in June. First it was Google Fiber. Then, AT&T. And now, Century Link. Everyone is getting fiber’d up for 4K video and Big Data apps. In about 12 to 18 months, when all those services and more are in full bloom, you’re going to […]

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